Galileo becomes the most precise positioning technology above GPS

Galileo becomes the most precise positioning technology above GPS

We have been using GPS as the “de facto” positioning system for decades for everything that can use such a system, whether navigators, smartphones, or missiles – the first use given to GPS as it was an originally military system. Nevertheless, Europe in 2016 launched Galileo as a way to have the best navigation.

Since then, the system has improved by leaps and bounds, and nowESA has announced that Galileo is capable of providing extremely precise positioning, with a margin of error of 20 centimeters in the horizontal plane, and 40 centimeters in the vertical planeall delivered via a new set of fixes.

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This has been integrated into the data stream that Galileo has used so the form of additional data, so that devices that can be updated to support these new fixes through software, they might be able to take advantage of this new level of precision.

Compared, the GPS has an accuracy of about 5 meters in the case of smartphones, with an average maximum precision of slightly less than 2 meters in high-quality receivers, so the advantage of Galileo is more than evident with the launch of the latest news.

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