from guns and liquor to pigs and roosters

from guns and liquor to pigs and roosters

( Spanish) — Among the prohibited products that enter the most feared prisons in Ecuador are not only weapons, ammunition and technological items, but also animals.

Ecuadorian Armed Forces reported this Friday on Twitter that they confiscated 26 bladed weapons, 16 electronic devices, 8 stoves, 12 fighting cocks and 2 pigs in the maximum security pavilion in the “Bellavista” prison in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas. The Ministry of Defense told that the control operations were carried out between this Thursday and this Friday.

The military report included photos in which the pigs are seen lying in a kind of clandestine kennel that had a drinking fountain, as well as the fighting cocks tied to a metal fence. Subsequently, the Armed Forces shared a video with journalists in which the pigs are observed in cages when they were removed from jail.

The Ecuadorian Armed Forces reported that they confiscated two pigs.

The announcement of the findings in the prison comes after the previous day the Armed Forces reported that 38 bladed weapons, 21,900 doses in drug packages, 54 bottles of whiskey, 59 mobile terminals, 18 chips for telephony and 18 LED televisions, among other household appliances and digital devices.

The National Service for Attention to Persons Deprived of Liberty (SNAI) reported this Friday that these operations in prisons respond to a joint effort between the Police, the Armed Forces and prison staff.

In October 2022, reported on some of the most unusual items that the Ecuadorian security forces have found in Ecuadorian prisons, which have been facing serious problems of violence and insecurity for more than two years.

The government, through the State and Public Security Council, declared organized crime gangs terrorists in April and began further intervention inside and outside prisons to try to weaken them.

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