Free up RAM in Windows 11: 7 ways to free up memory

Consumed Memory

let’s tell you 7 ways to free up RAM in Windows 11, so that you can have more of it free and improve the performance of your computer. The RAM memory is that in which the data of the applications are saved while they work and the instructions of the CPU.

In general, if your computer has plenty of RAM and with 16 or 32 GB you shouldn’t have too many problems, since Windows manages it automatically. But if there is an application or function that is consuming too much and you reach the limit, your computer could slow down, and you may want to release it at specific times.

Close applications that consume the most RAM

The first method that we are going to tell you is that of close those programs or apps that consume the most at that moment. To do so, press Control + Alt + Delete and enters the Task Manager. In it, enter the section processesand in it click on the name of the tab Memory for computers, the applications from those that consume the most to those that consume the least.

And now with this list, you just have to look at the programs that are consuming the most, and decide which of them you don’t need at the moment. When you decide which one to delete, right-click on this program in the list and choose the option of Finish homework from the popup menu. The application will close and you will free up the RAM it was consuming

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Disable programs that start with the PC

Disable Start

The next method is to make a program not run at Windows 11 startup when it is not needed by you. Sometimes when installing an app it is set to start automatically when you turn on the computerand this will be consuming RAM memory when maybe you won’t need to have it always running.

To do so, press Control + Alt + Delete and enters the Task Manager. Go to the section of Startand you will see which applications have the option to start enabled next to the PC, as well as whether it has a big impact on the startup of the computer. So, right click on the program you want and choose the option Disable so that it does not boot next to the PC.

clean your browser


Possibly the browser is the application that consumes the most RAM on your PC. Therefore, it is important clean it up as much as possibleremoving the extensions that you don’t use so that they are not consuming memory.

For that, go to the extensions section of your browser, and in the list of extensions you have installed, decide which ones you can do without. Normally, the more extensions you have, the easier it is for your browser to consume more. Click on the option Remove in the extension that you decide to delete, and confirm the action if your browser asks you to.

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Consider switching browsers

And if you have a computer with little RAM memory, it may be better change your browser to another. There are browsers that consume more than others, so using a lighter one may be something you should consider. The difference is not noticeable, and also depends on extensions and the websites you visit, but it may be something to try.

Uninstall apps you don’t use


Sometimes there are applications that do not work well and “grab” your RAM. If there is a specific one that you always have to be disabling every day but that you don’t need so much, then you can uninstall this app from your computer and/or look for another alternative.

To uninstall a program in Windows 11 you can enter the Windows settings and enter the section Applications. Here, click on installed applications to see a list of all the ones you have, and within them click on the options button of the one you want and choose the option uninstall.

Another option is to open the start menu and type control Panel. Here, click on the option Uninstall a program to enter your list of installed programs and applications. In it, right-click on the program you want and choose the uninstall option.

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restart the computer

When you restart the computer the RAM memory will be emptied, so if something goes wrong you also have the alternative of simply restarting your computer. If you are going to do it, make sure you have all important documents saved so you don’t lose anything.

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