Free paid games for iPhone: list of App Store links for today, June 8, 2023

Free paid games for iPhone: list of App Store links for today, June 8, 2023

In the App Store of Manzana, a well-known online store, there are several offers that you might find interesting. We have provided the corresponding download links so that you can perform the installation easily. In addition, it will not be necessary to carry out any transaction with your credit card or commit yourself financially.

Unlike Google Play’s free offerings on Androidthe offers of Manzana App Store are difficult to predict because the company does not specify when you will get a discount.

If you find an app that’s interesting but you can’t use it right now, we recommend that you install it and remove it from your computer. However, the app becomes part of the app library and you can restore it for free.

APPLE | Install paid apps for free

  • [4.4 estrellas / $ 9.99 ]: Instead of trying to catch wolves, you are a wolf and you have to survive by using your cunning and cunning in this highly realistic game.
  • [4.4 estrellas / $ 2.99 ]: a puzzle game that requires you to guide Mira through a myriad of puzzles in order for her to help her brother in dreams.
  • [4.7 estrellas / $0.99 ]: You gather little monsters, train them, and help them level up to be a better version of themselves while taking on other monsters. Does this sound familiar like a certain franchise?
  • [5.0 estrellas / $ 2.99 ]: a prisoner tries to do everything possible to escape from his prison. Can you stop him in time?
  • [4.5 estrellas / $9.99 ]: What does it feel like to fly free? Well you are a crow in this game so live the life of a scavenger bird in this game!

Security measures when downloading games for iPhone

The most basic thing is to use only the App Store of Manzana to download games on your iPhone, because it is the company’s official and trusted platform for getting secure apps and games. Before downloading a game, check the ratings and read reviews from other users to get an idea of ​​the game’s quality and safety.

Remember that when you install a game, you should review the permissions it requests because there is a risk that a game may request access to sensitive features or data that are not necessary for it to function. You can also not forget to have the latest version of the iOS operating system on your iPhone because these include security improvements that protect against known vulnerabilities.

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