Free Fire OB35: the best characters to rush in Clash Squad games

A124 |  Free Fire character

free fire and Free Fire MAX have more than one game mode. The Battle Royale is the best known, where fifty players face each other until there is only one survivor left. If your thing is to have fun with a few more friends on the same side, your option would be Clash Squad, in which the dynamics would be different as well as your criteria for choosing your favorite character, especially now that the community is getting used to the changes made by the OB35 patch.

Many players of free fire they prefer to opt for a fast style of play as it offers a more intense experience. In this sense, we tell you which are those characters that you must evaluate so that each battle is worthwhile.

FREE FIRE | The best characters to rush

A124 is an excellent character choice for Clash Squad mode in the OB35 version of Free Fire MAX. The character possesses the Thrill of Battle skill that helps the user convert some of their EP into HP. At his initial upgrade level, the character helps the player convert up to 20 EP into HP in four seconds.

Players can upgrade the character to a higher level to further enhance their abilities. At the maximum level of the skill, the user can convert 60 EP into HP on the battlefield. The character is priced at 499 diamonds in the store.

A124 | Free Fire character

Jota’s Sustained Raids ability can be used in Clash Squad mode. His ability helps players recover a certain amount of their HP when they deal damage to an opponent.

His passive ability does not need to be activated manually. It also helps the player automatically gain 10% of their HP when knocking down an enemy. The additional healing is useful when you defeat opponents in Free Fire MAXand also improves the player’s survivability in Clash Squad mode.

Jack |  Free Fire character
Jack | Free Fire character

Players opting for a fast-paced playstyle can make use of Xayne’s Xtreme Encounter ability. The skill helps the user get an instant HP boost. At base level, the character offers a 100 HP boost to the user to help them rush opponents.

Along with the increased HP, the player also gains the power to deal 100% more damage to gloo walls. The ability comes with a cooldown of 150 seconds.

Xaine |  Free Fire character
Xaine | Free Fire character

DJ Alok is one of the most wanted characters in the game. Players love using the character for his unique Drop the Beat ability. The ability allows the user to create a 5m aura where players can restore 5 HP per second. Effects last for five seconds with 10% improved allied movement speed.

In Clash Squad mode, the ability gives players a great advantage as they can heal themselves and improve their movement speed to quickly take down enemy players. The character is priced at 599 diamonds in the character shop.

Alok |  Free Fire character
Alok | Free Fire character

K has one of the best character abilities in Free Fire MAX. His ability helps the player to instantly increase their EP by up to 50 points. The Master of All skill comes with two skill modes called Jiu-jitsu and Psychology.

Jiu-jitsu mode helps players improve their EP to HP conversion rate. Psychology mode helps the user recover three EPs every 2.2 seconds.

K |  Free Fire character
K | Free Fire character

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