Free Fire OB35: is it legal to sell your account? Garena has ruled on this practice

Free Fire OB35: is it legal to sell your account?  Garena has ruled on this practice

The developer Garena has made the store of free fire Count on exclusive loot like outfits and item skins, as well as backpacks, gloo walls, and more. For logical reasons, there is no account for sale with better statistics. But will you be able to buy one if you coordinate with a more veteran player? Can you get banned for doing that?

The purchase, sale and exchange of accounts in free fire It has become a major problem in the community. A considerable number of players are being directly scammed due to these activities.

Garena has clearly stated that it is prohibited to buy, sell, trade or even share an account on free fire.

The people behind the game have dedicated a section on the official support site called “Account Trading”, where they have stated that the buying and selling of accounts directly violates Garena’s terms of service, which each player has agreed to before creating the account. bill.

“Your Account is non-transferable and for your personal use only. You may not authorize any third party to access or use your account for any purpose or attempt to transfer the account or associated virtual currency and/or virtual items to any third party in any way.says article 6.

Transferring account access to other users ruins the gaming experience for the entire community and is therefore not allowed. Users can be permanently excluded from free fire if they also share your account login information.

FREE FIRE | Weekly agenda from July 28 to August 2

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  • Saturday, July 30, 2022: Hour of Fire and Battle Reload
  • Monday, August 1, 2022: new elite pass (The Masters of the Edge) and sky blue recharge
  • Tuesday, August 2, 2022: lucky store

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