Free Fire: list of the best pets that will help you rank up in March 2023

Falco |  Free Fire Mascot

the shooter freefireUnlike others of the same genre, it has many characters and each one with unique abilities. More experienced players know which one suits their combat style. Knowing this takes several games, now can you imagine what the moment of selecting the ideal pet should be like?

Let’s see which ones with the top five pets to rank up in freefire in March 2023. Remember to check the description of each pet to know if its ability matches your combat tactics in Battle Royale.

The best pets for March 2023

Skyline Spree’s ability falco it plays a crucial role by offering a 25% increase in dive speed when deploying the parachute and a 15% increase in glide speed during the jump. These two buffs will increase to 45% and 50%, respectively, at max level.

Falco | Free Fire Mascot

beaston and his Helping Hand ability will help players take out enemies from a longer distance with grenades, and then they can kill them. At level one, the range of Frags, Gloo Walls, Flashbangs, and Smoke Grenades is increased by 10% and reaches 30% at level three.

Beaston |  Free Fire Mascot

Beaston | Free Fire Mascot

The Double Blubber ability of ottero causes the player to gain EP (energy points) when using the treat gun or a medkit and will recover 35% of their HP (health points) at level one. At max, the player will receive 65% of the recovered HP in EP.

Ottero |  Free Fire Mascot

Ottero | Free Fire Mascot

rockywith the Stay Chill ability, causes you to reduce your character’s cooldown by 6% to 15% at max level.

rocky |  Free Fire Mascot

rocky | Free Fire Mascot

We close with Mr Waggor and the Smooth Gloo ability. The pet can spawn a gloo wall grenade every 120 seconds if the player does not have one. When the entity is fully updated, it only takes 100 seconds to do the same.

Mr Waggor |  Free Fire Mascot

Mr Waggor | Free Fire Mascot

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