Free Fire: How to Headshot Easier in September 2022 Matches

Trick in Free Fire to make headshots with the best sensitivity for July 2022

Don’t overlook the sensitivity and noise control settings. free fire after the most recent update. Aim is not just a matter of talent and practice, but requires the most appropriate settings according to the user’s style of play. The updates make the system have small changes, so it is always advisable to have everything covered until September 2022.

Below we share the best sensitivity settings that gamers can incorporate into free fire to shoot the head (headshots) with great ease, although for that you require several hours of practice before jumping into combat.

Remember that you can make slight changes to the settings to make your aim fine-tuned according to your play style and the reactions you have during the match.

  • Overall: 95 – 100
  • Red dot: 90 – 100
  • 2x Range: 75-85
  • 4x range: 70-80
  • Sniper Range: 65-75
  • Free look: 80-90

With this sensitivity setting, players will be able to move their crosshairs over their opponents’ heads at a faster rate, making their aim more accurate. However, they will have to keep practicing. For its part, the controls can be as follows.

  • Aim Accuracy: Default
  • Left Throw Button: Always
  • Quick weapon change: activated
  • Fast recharge: off
  • Press fire for crosshair: on
  • Grenade Space: Double Space
  • Vehicle Controls – Two Hands
  • Automatic parachute: activated
  • Running mode: classic
  • In-Game Tips: Default
  • Removal notifications: On
  • Damage indicator: new
  • Automatic weapon change: activated
  • Camera: off
  • Impact marker: new
  • Eject marker: new
  • Teammate Info: Translucent

FREE FIRE | Weekly Agenda from May 11 to 17, 2022

  • Wednesday May 11: honor roulette, reload shinobi.
  • Thursday May 12: Moony recharge.
  • Friday May 13: criminal tower, criminal recharge.
  • Saturday May 14th Lucky M1887 emote reload.
  • Monday May 16: Frantic Bunny Weapon Crate.
  • Tuesday May 17: tattoo recharge.

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