Free Fire: how to have the “auto headshot” setting on your cell phone

Free Fire: how to have the "auto headshot" setting on your cell phone

freefire , a shooting game of the Battle Royale genre, has positioned itself as one of the most popular in Latin America. According to experts from , this title has accumulated around 13 to 14 million downloads on Android and iOS devices. Its popularity is not free, since it is characterized by being highly competitive and many players seek to learn techniques such as the “auto headshot” to have an advantage in the game.

Of course, many players want to improve at this game because only one player wins the game. There are third-party items that you can buy like triggers with touch elements for the mobile screen.

However, there are also settings in the menu that we can use to increase the chances of winning the games. Do you want to always hit your enemies in the head?

Just follow these steps to modify the touch screen control.

Configuration of ‘auto headshots’ in Free Fire

  • Open the app.
  • Press ‘Settings’ and then go to the ‘Sensitivity’ section.
  • Copy the following configuration that has shared the media .
  • Overall—50
  • Red Dot Scope — 100
  • Look 2x — 15/16
  • Look 44 — 18
  • Watch AWM—20
  • Look Free — 50

Remember to save the settings and not press the reset button. If it is not applied due to an error, close the application and reopen it.

As simple as that to improve your targeted car in Free Fire. Practice in a few games to get used to the new sensitivity. It works for Android and iOS, but you may have to move some settings for more comfort.

Redemption codes for April 2, 2021, find out how to claim free loot

Today, April 2, the developer company Garena enabled a new batch of cosmetic items for free. Normally, it would cost you diamonds to be able to get them under the normal route of micropayments. This is not a hack or cheat, so you should not worry about reprisals or sanctions that may affect your account.

It’s just a little help for players who don’t have loot. Let’s remember that the gameplay of Battle Royale is affected by aesthetic elements.

FREE FIRE | Redemption codes for April 2

  • 487P-8ZVG-ZGEA
  • ME5866OGLPQZ
  • BMTMP22W3OZ7
  • QW0LSEK9U86B
  • 7L5Z3DHOS8YJ
  • 3CYS-QQ95-YTWK
  • WTZ3-LM8W-3SWC

They can only be used for a limited time. After they have been used, users will get a warning like the following: The code has expired or is invalid. They last 24 hours until Garena enables another batch of codes.

How to use the Free Fire codes?

you still don’t know where are the Free Fire codes claimed? Well, you just have to follow a few simple steps to have free loot without the need to go through the virtual store.

  • Enter to to access the official Free Fire rewards website (Rewards Redemption Site).
  • Then log in with your Free Fire account from Facebook, VK, Google, Huawei, Apple or Twitter.
  • Indexes the twelve character code. Make sure not to confuse the numbers with letters and confirm the operation.
  • Once the code is confirmed, you will only have to wait a few minutes to receive the gift in your account.

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