Fortnite: how to cancel the Kamehameha with the Rift-To-Go

Fortnite: how to cancel the Kamehameha with the Rift-To-Go

Kamehameha is one of the most powerful mythical items ever introduced in Fortnite thanks to the collaboration with Dragon Ball. The attack is deadly and players have a hard time getting out alive. However, someone has figured out a way to escape the damage.

As the Kamehameha it’s a beam of energy, technically another Kamehameha you can cancel it. When fired at the same time, both attacks can nullify each other mid-air. However, getting the timing right is easier said than done.

However, there is one more way to cancel a Kamehameha in Fortnite. While it is unclear if this is how it was meant to be, a simple Rift To Go can make the attack useless.

the youtuber glitch king explained that loopers can get out alive using the Rift-To-Go, an item you can find in chests, vending machines, supply drops, and loot llamas.

Given the Rift To Go has an area effect, anyone within the radius will be sucked into the rift once the item is activated. This essentially cancels Kamehameha and renders it useless, but the rift stays open for a few seconds and they will be able to follow you.

Since a crack will open in the sky above the island, the person using Kamehameha he will not be able to react quickly enough to shift the angle of attack.

FORTNITE CHAPTER 3 | Season 3 Week 12 Challenges

  • Fill the tank of a vehicle at different gas stations in the same game (0/3) – Reward: 15,000 Season PE
  • Deal damage with SMGs to opponents within 5 seconds of sprinting (0/250) – Reward: 15,000 Season XP
  • Gesture on Cuddles Team Leader’s giant head for 5 seconds (0/1) – Reward: 15,000 Season XP
  • Slide 50 meters in a row (0/50) – Reward: 15,000 Season PE
  • Challenge a character to a duel and defeat them (0/1) – Reward: 15,000 Season PE
  • Throw a Boogie Bomb at an OI Outpost (0/1) – Reward: 15,000 Season XP
  • Use a Junk Rift on Shipwreck Gorge or Scorched Reels (0/1) – Reward: 15,000 Season XP
  • Repair Whiplash sports cars (0/200) – Reward: 15,000 Season PE
  • Deal damage to opponents while crouching (0/300) – Reward: 15,000 Season XP

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