Fortnite guide to eliminate Darth Vader and get his lightsaber for the rest of the game

Fortnite guide to eliminate Darth Vader and get his lightsaber for the rest of the game

Darth Vader came to Fortnite in the V21.10 update. Those who manage to defeat him will be able to access his lightsaber, a weapon so powerful that it manages to persuade many rivals in the game. The Star Wars antagonist is hard to beat, so we share a trick to defeat him without too many risks.

The first step in defeating Darth Vader begins immediately when the game begins. The Loopers will need to locate Vader’s ship while aboard the Battle Bus. Since there are five different landing spots on the map of Fortnite, it becomes essential to track Vader’s ship the moment the battle bus passes. To help the Loopers locate Vader’s landing site, a blue beacon lights up to indicate Vader’s landing.

FORTNITE | Trick to defeat Darth Vader

Once Darth Vader’s landing zone is located, players of Fortnite they will have to land in the nearest populated area to get material. After acquiring weapons, proceed towards Darth Vader’s location. Players should note that Vader has two Stormtrooper bodyguards, both of whom must be eliminated.

If a looper wants to, they can shoot Darth Vader once and then escape the area. If someone else kills it, the looper will get the kill and be awarded the XP. This trick is easy, but it’s not a quick way to get rid of it. Also, it doesn’t guarantee that others will be able to defeat Darth Vader.

Another trick is to follow the steps mentioned above but in multiplayer mode. One person in the squad can play bait and lure Vader out, while others can take turns shooting him. This way, the responsibility for defeating him doesn’t fall on a single looper, while everyone in the squad can get the reward for defeating him.

Each squad member must shoot Vader to gain XP. Loopers don’t have to squad up, they can do this trick even in a duos or trios match.

In Unique Mode, we recommend getting a sniper and shooting from a distance. Another option is to attach the Cow Catcher to a vehicle and ram Darth Vader.

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