Fortnite Chapter 4: how to use dances to survive the attack of the Ex-Caliber Rifle

Fortnite Chapter 4: how to use dances to survive the attack of the Ex-Caliber Rifle

Pay attention to what you are about to see, because Epic Games could well redesign all the emotes that many classify as a competitive advantage. It is something simple and perhaps even decisive for a victory in the last phases of the game of Fortnite.

the youtuber GKI discovered that any emote can be used so that players can avoid the explosion damage caused by the Ex Caliber Rifle. Note that the cheat does not evade the damage caused by the shot.

The images posted by GKI show the player facing off against an opponent with the Ex-Caliber Rifle. After receiving the initial shot, you must do any emote to avoid the extra damage from the explosion caused by the rifle. It’s that easy and it’s something you can do with any emote.

We imagine that Epic Games will release a patch in a matter of days to prevent players from taking advantage of this programming flaw. You should not get banned for using it in your future games, because this is a developer error.

FORTNITE CHAPTER 4 | Week 4 Challenges

  • Tame or hunt wild animals (1)
  • Get health or shields when jumping on Sky Jellies (50)
  • Earn XP on creator-made experiences (50,000)
  • Travel distance using kinetic ore (50)
  • Deal damage with assault rifles (50)
  • Gain health (150)
  • Catch a frog from 5 meters or less (1)
  • Hunt wild animals in a single match (10)
  • Enter piles of leaves, bushes, or consume slapped berries (200)
  • Destroy structures (200)

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