Former Prime Minister Aminata Touré accuses the president of being behind the withdrawal of his seat in Senegal

Former Prime Minister Aminata Touré accuses the president of being behind the withdrawal of his seat in Senegal

Touré will resort “to all national and international judicial channels” and denounces that Sall seeks a third term

27 Jan. (EUROPA PRESS) –

The former prime minister of Senegal Aminata Touré has accused the country’s president, Macky Sall, of being behind Parliament’s decision to strip him of his seat after distancing himself from the president and announcing that he will run for president in 2024.

“I have never written a letter of resignation or announced my resignation from Parliament or from (the government coalition Benno Bok Yaakaar (BBY),” he said in a statement, in which he pointed to “a clear violation” of the Constitution and regulations of the National Assembly.

Thus, he has pointed out that “it is a robbery ordered by the president, Macky Sall, who does not support the presence of his former head of the list in the National Assembly.” “On the contrary, Sall supports receiving the most racist politician in France at the Palace of the Republic”, he criticized, referring to the recent visit to the country by Marine Le Pen.

Touré has advanced that “he will go to all national and international judicial channels to put an end to this injustice”, which he has described as “further proof of the president’s attacks against democracy and the generations of Senegalese and Senegalese who fought with sweat and blood”.

“Today, this search for a third term (by Sall) is a line of rupture in the country,” he warned, before indicating that there is “a party that wants to preserve its personal interests, even if it has to burn the country, and another that is determined to defend democracy, the values ​​of social justice, peace, equality and respect for others”.

“In this fight I will give myself until my last breath if necessary. I am prepared for everything because I consider that life has no meaning without it being empty of honor and it is not in line with one’s own convictions,” he said in his statement, published in your account on the social network Twitter.

Along these lines, he has warned that “there was never this level of hatred, abuse of power, exclusion of political sensitivities from those of Sall who want to impose themselves in their search for a third term that would mean a violation of the Constitution, anchor of the Republic”.

“Sall wants to impose force and nothing more than force on us,” said Touré, who has stressed that “his path to a third term is something unacceptable from a legal and moral point of view.” “He will use all his possible means against his political adversaries,” he lamented.

For this reason, he has reminded the security forces that “they are exclusively at the service of the Senegalese people and not at the service of Sall’s crypto-personal objectives, something that can also be said of all State agencies, mainly Justice.”

“I call on all democrats in this country (…) for a massive mobilization around a national platform for the defense of democracy to preserve democratic advances,” Touré concluded.

The opposition has denounced on several occasions that the president has plans to run for a third term, although Sall has ruled out that he is going to opt for this path. The Senegalese constitution limits the total number of terms to two and an attempt to extend his stay in power could lead to instability.

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