Former military leader Moussa Dadis Camara jailed in Guinea ahead of trial for massacre in Conakry stadium

Sep. 28 (EUROPA PRESS) –

Former military chief Moussa Dadis Camara has been jailed pending trial in Guinea for his alleged responsibility in the 2009 massacre of 157 people inside a stadium in the capital, Conakry, a day after traveling to the African country.

Dadis Camara has been imprisoned along with five other defendants in the framework of this same case, including Colonels Moussa Tiégboro Camara and Claude Pvi Coplan, ahead of the opening of the process this Wednesday.

The defense of the former military chief has protested “firmly” against the measure, according to the Guinean news portal Media Guinée. “Unfortunately, the process begins with the violation of the rights of the defense,” said lawyer Salif Béavogui.

Camara presided over the country for almost a year after leading a coup in 2008 shortly after the death of Lansana Conté (1984-2008), although his reputation was affected by the aforementioned massacre of opponents at the 28 de Septiembre Stadium.

The events of September 28, 2009 are considered one of the worst acts of repression in West Africa. In the massacre, security forces opened fire on protesters calling on Dadis Camara not to run in the 2010 elections.

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