Fnatic TQ Bans Player After He Revealed His Offensive Named Smurf Account

Jona “Reptile” Fritz made a mistake that she will probably regret for the rest of her life. Turns out he made a smurf account to play League of Legends and decided to give it an offensive name. Maybe he just saw it as a bad joke and nothing more, but it’s a mistake that left him without a team.

What happened? In a stream that took place on July 16, Reptile logged into a smurf account with the name “HITLER199”. According to the player, a friend took his account and changed his name to the one he was presenting at the time.

Although the player had an alibi, Team Queso, his team, did not stand idly by. In fact, he issued a statement in which he pointed out that he released him from the team since he does not “represent the values ​​of Team Queso and Fnatic.”

The statement from Team Queso
The statement from Team Queso

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“The Reptile player is no longer part of Fnatic TQ.

What happened today in his stream shows that he does not represent at all the values ​​shared by both Team Queso and Fnatic, and that he does not meet the exemplary criteria that anyone who belongs to one of the two entities must show at all times both within like out of competition. For this reason we have processed to terminate his contract immediately, ”explained the team.

For his part, Reptile said he “made a huge mistake” by sharing his account with his friend. Likewise, he assures that the name change happened half a year ago, but that he had no idea it had happened. In fact, he showed a screenshot showing the name history of the account. Still, he accepted full responsibility for sharing the account.

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