First gameplay of Atlas Fallen, the new action RPG from Deck13 (The Surge)


Focus Entertainment has shown the first gameplay trailer for Atlas Fallen, a fantasy action RPG developed by Deck13, the studio behind The Surge and Lords of the Fallen. The title, which was presented during Opening Night Live 2022, has a release date that places its arrival on May 16 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC via Steam. The pre-order campaign is now open and the game is offered in different editions beyond the standard one.

“Set off on a heroic journey through a variety of stunning environments, zipping across the barren landscapes of a vast, sand-covered world,” reads the text that accompanies the trailer. “Explore ancient ruins and unearth the mysteries and secrets of a fallen society. Fight against a corrupted god and extraordinary beasts thanks to the divine power of your shapeshifter weapon. Unlock powerful abilities and skills to build a unique move set and rise as the champion who will free the people of Atlas.”

The action of Atlas Fallen takes place in a semi-open world plagued by ancient mysteries and threats. When there were gods in this world, heroes shared it with them, but the vanity of the gods grew and humans were driven out. Only memories remain of that world, remains of history in the sand and ruins where the heroes resist and do not fail thanks to the opportunity that an ancient magic has given them to face the gods. The liberation of humanity from the oppression of the corrupted gods involves fighting them and hunting down great creatures using weapons infused with sand.

The artifact that allows mastering magic is the Gauntlet. Its wielder can manipulate the essence found in objects and items to change their structural integrity and reassemble or destroy them. Our hero will use it to turn the sand around him into weapons. The Gauntlet also manipulates the environment to propel itself through the air and execute a series of moves to move quickly through the arenas. The artifact can be improved to have access to new abilities and powers that vary depending on one of the three weapons that the protagonist will discover throughout his adventure.

The Atlas Fallen campaign can be completed solo or in cooperative mode with another player. Each of them will control a champion with custom skills and abilities. Deck13 says that their new action RPG inherits some systems and mechanics from The Surge, but in Atlas Fallen the combat is faster and more fluid.

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