Firefighters declare the fire at the old Copenhagen Stock Exchange “under control”

April 16 () –

The emergency services have declared the fire that broke out early this Tuesday in the historic Copenhagen Stock Exchange building “under control” and are already working to finish eliminating any possible source, while also waiting to determine how and where the fire could have originated. fire.

An emergency spokesman, Jakob Vedsted Andersen, explained in statements to the media that the Firefighters are already in a second phase to extinguish the flames and consider the property insured, from which valuable works have been hastily evacuated in recent hours. of art, reports the TV2 network.

The fire reportedly damaged half of the building, located in Slotsholmen, and destroyed the historic spire of the Stock Exchange, in the shape of the tails of four intertwined dragons, which collapsed due to the flames.

A police official, Peter Dahl, has stated that now the authorities will have to determine what happened, although he has clarified that the on-the-spot examinations will wait until the fire is completely extinguished and the place is safe.

Dahl has explained that the Police begin these investigations as if they were “a blank canvas” and, regarding the possible relationship with the restoration work to which the building was being subjected, this official has admitted that it is one of the hypotheses that are being put forward. they are considering, although it is “too soon”.

The building, known in Danish as Borsen and whose construction was completed in 1640, is located near Christianborg Palace, where Parliament is located, and is one of the country's main tourist attractions.

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