Fire Emblem Engage is now available and shows its launch trailer

It's time to defend the Sacred Land

The day has finally come when all JRPG fans can enjoy Fire Emblem Engage, the new installment of the popular Nintendo saga that is now available on Switch. It is because of this that those responsible have just published an impressive launch trailer.

It’s time to defend the Sacred Land

As you surely remember, the people responsible for this game are the Nintendo and Intelligent Systems teams, who offer a new adventure with features that can only be found in Fire Emblem.

Now, the title is already available in physical and digital format and it is time for all those interested to take a look at a recent trailer, which will surely motivate them to get it and play it.

Here we leave it for you:

As you could see, the game will take you to Elyos a thousand years after the Fallen Dragon was defeated. However, the threat has returned and you will have to make alliances with different well-known heroes of the franchise to end it.

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It is worth mentioning that those interested in the game better hurry to get it so that the surprises of the plot are not ruined for them, since it was recently confirmed that important information about the story was leaked on the internet.

Fire Emblem Engage It is now available and exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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