Fintech seals deal with payment wallet for digital disbursements

Fintech seals deal with payment wallet for digital disbursements

In order to facilitate immediate disbursement to its users, the fintech RapiCredit reached an alliance with Tpaga, the virtual payment wallet from which they can collect from 100,000 to 400,000 pesos. It will also allow the possibility of making payments from 1 to 5 installments within the app.

“So far the partnership with Tpaga has been very profitable, in the time that the alliance has run we have received more than 4,000 loan applications”commented Daniel Materón, CEO of RapiCredit, who also announced that other alliances with different entities from all sectors will soon be established.

Likewise, and through RapiCredit, inter-municipal transport tickets can also be purchased at, an e-commerce platform dedicated to the sale of these tickets. This page offers access to the routes operated by the main transport companies in the country, with an offer of more than 1,600 destinations and also operating in Peru and Ecuador. Users will be able to access credits from 100,000 to 400,000 pesos, from 1 to 4 installments to pay for their tickets.

“Technology has allowed us to reach all the territories of the country. Currently, RapiCredit is in every corner where any Colombian has an internet connection: we are in the 32 departments of Colombia, from San Andrés to Leticia, and these alliances continue to strengthen our idea of ​​offering a better quality of life to our compatriots”, Materon said.

The fintech lends from 110,000 to 1 million pesos. In addition, the disbursement of the money is made in less than 24 hours, no paperwork is required, no transfers, no references, no co-debtors or intermediaries. The loan can be requested from a computer or cell phone, the evaluation is made and approved in seconds.

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