Final Fantasy XVI will not be an open world game and every battle between Eikon will be "only"according to its producer

Final Fantasy XVI will not be an open world game and every battle between Eikon will be "only"according to its producer

June 22 (Portaltic/EP) –

The new advances on the next game in the Japanese role-playing saga, final fantasy XVI, They highlight that the XVI installment will not be an open world game but that each battle between its summons (Eikon), will be “unique”.

The producer of the next iteration of the franchise, Naoki Yoshidahas offered more details about the title that will arrive in the summer of 2023 on PlayStation 5 as a temporary exclusive.

First of all, Yoshida has ruled out Final Fantasy XVI being an open world title. In statements to the media IGNthe producer acknowledges that the creative team has decided to avoid it because it would limit the action to “a single open world space”. Instead, they have opted for a “separate area” based design that can give players a true “global scale” feel.

Yoshida has also advanced new details about the real-time action combat system. The protagonist of the title, Clive, will have at his disposal “an arsenal of powerful attacks and abilities” that he can alternate to create “fluid and stylish” combinations, as he explained to Game Informer.

In these fights, Clive will not be alone despite appearing alone most of the time in the latest trailer presented by Square Enix at Sony’s June State of Play. Yoshida has assured GamesRadar that his fellow travelers “will be controlled by the AI” of the game both in and out of each battle.

These characters will support Clive in battles and, outside of them, they will maintain a friendly relationship with him that will last “throughout this trip”. In addition, they will move in and out of the group by having “their own arcs” narrative.


Clive’s companions will not be his only aids in combat. In this sense, Yoshida has highlighted the relevance of the Eikon, the name he has given to the invocations of this title.

The producer of Final Fantasy XVI revealed to Game Informer that the mechanics of each summon battle vary from one to another and never “use the same system twice.” Each aspires to beonly“and have your own style of play.

As an example, Yoshida notes that there will be battles between summons that are more like “a 3D shooter” while others will be more of a “pro wrestling match.”


The mythology that surrounds each Final Fantasy title is so rich that its creators have accompanied their games on more than one occasion with complementary material, such as books, that expand their universe.

In the case of Final Fantasy XVI, Yoshida has assured gamespot that “there are no plans to create anything” beyond the title itself. In addition, he has stated that “third party content will not be necessary” to understand the story, in which Clive will be accompanied in three different stages: his adolescence, his twenties and his thirties.

The producer of the title has taken the opportunity to advance to Game Informer the launch of a third trailer that will be released in the fall of this year. Yoshida anticipates that this trailer will especially focus on “the world, its history and traditions.”

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