Final Fantasy XVI almost ran out of one of the best creatures in the series

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In less than a month, final fantasy 16 will make its debut and players will have the opportunity to learn about its world and history. Meanwhile, the developers are taking the opportunity to talk more about the project and recently revealed that the game was about to run out of one of the most iconic creatures in the universe. Final Fantasy.

Since the release of final fantasy 3 in 1990, moogles have been a part of every major installment of final fantasy one way or another. That being said, in final fantasy 16 they were able to stay out since the developers had several problems implementing them.

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But what was the problem? In a recent interview with some of the developers behind this RPG, published on the Square Enix blogNaoki Yoshida, producer of final fantasy 16 explained that the moogles were a real pain for the development team as they were difficult to implement and they thought they would not fit well with the mature theme of final fantasy 16.

“Probably the biggest challenge, on a fundamental level, was the moogle,” Yoshida said. “The development team was worried that the moogles were too difficult to create and didn’t fit the feel of the world, but our Assistant Producer was like, ‘I don’t care, just put them in the game!'”

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the moogles of final fantasy 16 they looked like hedgehogs

For his part, Hiroshi Minagawa, art director, the biggest problem had to do with the implementation of the performance mode that made it look like a hedgehog: “The performance mode slightly alters the appearance of the polygons, and we really struggled with the moogle.. It ended up having less hair. It ended up looking like a hedgehog, and we were wondering if that was a moogle or not! In the end, we decided to incorporate some processing specifically for the moogle.”

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Fortunately, in the end the development team dand Final Fantasy XVI he managed to overcome all these problems and the moogles appear in the new installment of the series. This will undoubtedly make many fans happy, who will be able to rejoice that one of the most beloved elements of the series will remain intact.

final fantasy 16 it is in development exclusively for PlayStation 5, the platform on which it will debut on June 22, 2023. You can find more news related to it if you visit this page.

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