Ferrovial inaugurates the third section of a highway in Texas that has required an investment of 915 million

Ferrovial inaugurates the third section of a highway in Texas that has required an investment of 915 million

June 21 () –

Ferrovial has inaugurated the third section of the NTE 35W project in Fort Worth (Texas) three months ahead of schedule, which has required an investment of more than 915 million euros (1,000 million dollars), aimed at improving highways in the United States , as reported by the company on Wednesday in a press release.

Specifically, this 10.7-kilometre (6.7-mile) stretch of I-35W, which connects North Tarrant Parkway with Eagle Parkway in Fort Worth, has incorporated improvements through the reconstruction of main lanes, the widening of service roads and the incorporation of TEXpress toll roads.

The concession has been led by Cintra, a subsidiary of Ferrovial, which has also been in charge of financing and designing the new highway layout.

Likewise, the project, which began in 2020, has been carried out by Ferrovial Construcción and its North American subsidiary Webber, and from now on, after the inauguration of the new section 3C, Cintra will once again be in charge of the activity and its maintenance on behalf of from the Texas Department of Transportation.

Through this public-private collaboration, the project for the third section of NTE 35W was built at no cost to the State of Texas, while, to date, Ferrovial’s total investment in Texas highways under this formula amounts to more than 6,410 million euros (7,000 million dollars), which have been allocated to the LBJ, NTE and NTE35W toll roads.

Along these lines, the CEO of Ferrovial, Ignacio Madridejos, highlighted that thanks to public-private collaboration, Ferrovial has been able to provide solutions to mobility problems in the US region, connecting its citizens and generating wealth.

With US headquarters in Austin (Texas), Ferrovial operates in the infrastructure sectors for transportation, construction, hydraulic works and energy and, as it has underlined, its activity in the highway sector alone has had an economic impact of around 20,100 million euros (more than 22,000 million dollars) in the United States.

Finally, the company, which already began trading on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange last Friday, has recalled its intention to request its listing in the United States by the end of this year.

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