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Feijóo plants Abascal in the motion of censure and accuses Vox of "come to the rescue" of Sanchez and his "government on fire"

The PP rejects the motion of censure planted by Vox and which intends to place the nonagenarian Ramón Tamames at the head of the Government. Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s opposition is of origin, but the decibels against the ultra-right party that raises the initiative grow just the day that its leader has registered it in Congress. The PP spokesman, Borja Sémper, harshly attacked Vox this Monday for serving as a “media float” for the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, the only “beneficiary” of the vote, which was set to fail. Sémper has told Santiago Abascal to “go to the rescue” of the head of the Executive and his “Government on fire”, and has anticipated that Feijóo will not attend the parliamentary debate: “Of course not.” Of course, the PP will abstain and will not vote No as Pablo Casado did in his day.

Feijóo, to Tamames about his candidacy in Vox's motion of no confidence: "If you were my father, I wouldn't let you do this."

Feijóo, to Tamames about his candidacy in Vox’s motion of no confidence: “If you were my father, I wouldn’t let you do this”


The motion has come “at the worst moment”, Sémper said at the press conference after the meeting of the PP leadership. “Vox once again comes to the rescue of Pedro Sánchez,” he pointed out. “This motion supposes an oxygen balloon, a media rescue to divert attention. Sánchez is delighted ”, he added.

But the Irundarra leader has not stopped there. Sémper has shelled out a whole panoply of criticism of Vox, its leader, Santiago Abascal, and the party that promotes Moncloa to the economics professor who has gone from clandestine PCE against Francoism to support the argument of the extreme right.

“Congress will once again be a stage for partisan tactics,” Sémper pointed out. “It is not what Congress needs, nor what Spain needs,” he added. “In this motion, the tactical interests of Vox and Pedro Sánchez are elucidated,” he argued, “but not the interests of the Spanish,” he said. “We are in the pre-election period”, he recalled, regretting that the PP has to spend energy “positioning itself on a motion that will not go ahead”. “What Spain needs is stability, rigor and seriousness. No shows. What we are going to have the opportunity to see is a new partisan exercise, of tactical interests, ”he insisted.

Sémper still had more phrases against Vox, the motion and Abascal. “It is an absolute mistake,” he said, to expose that the PP has “reasons to oppose the Sánchez government and we have been listing them for a long time.” “In an election year in which we go to the polls in three months, a motion of no confidence seems out of place,” he defended, to remind that “this year there will be general elections.” “Today in this context we do not see any virtue except that of being a media float for Pedro Sánchez,” he reiterated.

“They have their agenda and their intentions and they go through their electoral interests,” he said about Vox. “There they are, this debate that is not going anywhere”, he has settled.

For all these reasons, Feijóo will not attend the plenary session of Congress that will debate the motion of censure. The PP leader will thus miss both Tamames’ intervention and the previous defense that Santiago Abascal will presumably make. The Galician leader has confirmed that he tried to persuade the economist not to take the step, but was unsuccessful.

Despite everything, the PP remains firm in its abstention. Despite being a motion against a “Government on fire” it will not support it, and although its promoters only seek to “save” Sánchez and the distance with them is “sidereal”, they are not going to vote against it either.

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Written by Editor TLN

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