Feijóo offers the votes of the PP to control "really" inflation to low incomes and asks to reduce spending "superfluous"

Feijóo offers the votes of the PP to control "really" inflation to low incomes and asks to reduce spending "superfluous"

He criticizes that a part of the coalition insults the PP for supporting the Government in Defense pacts

O PINO (A CORUÑA), July 2 () –

The president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has offered the Government the votes of the PP to “seriously” control inflation for low incomes and has demanded that “superfluous” public spending be reduced for being a lack of respect towards the families that cannot make ends meet have the “Most Expensive Executive in Spanish Democracy”.

“We presented you with an economic plan in April, it is still at your disposal and we tell you that, if you want to be serious about controlling low-income inflation, we are at the Government’s disposal, you can count on our votes and solidarity, but if you do not want is your responsibility and failure, not the failure of Spain”, Feijóo transferred during his speech at the IV Popular Pilgrimage of O Pino.

Thus, he has emphasized that the best sign that the measures of the anti-crisis decree have not controlled inflation is that three months later the Executive has had to approve an extension “because the previous one did not work for them.” For this reason, he has asked the Government to lower “superfluous, political and bureaucratic public spending.”

In this sense, the leader of the opposition has demanded that he return to the families the money they are paying “more” for the “massive” increase in hydrocarbons, food or electricity. “It’s reasonable, we’re not asking for weird things,” he said, while he stressed that the government has collected 15.5 billion more than in the first months of last year.

In addition, he has questioned the lack of criticism from the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, because when everything is worth 10 percent more “it is not acceptable” to say that Spain “has taken great measures” so that everything is worth a little less. “I ask you to stop inventing conspiracies and return to the reality of Spain,” he claimed.

In the next line, the Galician leader has stated referring to Sánchez that “when a student is systematically the worst student in the class, he cannot say that he is the only one who does the exams well” and, in his opinion, “this is the problem” . Feijóo has added that they are not asking them to recognize that the proposals they have raised are from the PP or to withdraw the insults and contempt for their formation, but rather that they “get it right”.


In another key, the ‘popular’ leader has assured that the Government is divided and that “they say so” because, in his opinion, the Government “likes to be noticed.” “Every week that passes the Government is divided more, practices it more, preaches it more and they want all Spaniards to know that the Government is divided and that Spain is without a president and without a Government”, he assured.

Feijóo alluded to the differences in the coalition regarding the holding of the NATO Summit in Madrid and joked: “The government that organizes NATO organizes a demonstration against NATO, we must recognize that they do not leave room for the opposition”.

Thus, he has criticized the fact that once the Alliance Summit has ended, a part of the Government insults the PP “for trying to support the Government in Defense and security pacts” and that this shows that the sense of State that is under discussion is that of the Government and not that of the Popular Party.

“The Government itself trusts more in the sense of State of the PP itself than in its Government and that is something that will go down in the history of the record of nonsense of the current Government of Spain,” he concluded.


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