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Feijóo demands majorities from his candidates "absolutely indisputable" in may he can’t guarantee

Feijóo demands majorities from his candidates "absolutely indisputable" in may he can't guarantee

The PP of Alberto Núñez Feijóo moves between impatience and nostalgia before the municipal and regional elections next May. The party exudes anxiety in the face of a challenge that they say they have within reach, but that has not fully materialized: that the “change of cycle” that they expect for this 2023 will start in the elections on May 28. A lever that Feijóo needs to run for Moncloa in December. “We have come to put pressure”, he has expressly acknowledged at the closing of the Intermunicipal that was held this weekend in Valencia and that he has left as an image of “unity” a cold photo of reconciliation between José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy, that they have settled old quarrels to push their leader, who has 10 long months left in the electoral race.

Feijóo cannot find his speech as the economic recession he announced did not arrive


“We have come to put pressure on this autonomous community. The PP needs you ”, Feijóo insisted. He was expressly addressing the candidate for the Generalitat, Carlos Mazón, who cannot hide the vertigo of having polls that give him the keys to the Government that Ximo Puig will defend, but with the need to have Vox and even run out of options. he will have photo finish, they maintain in the PPCV. Therefore, anything can happen.

“We need an absolutely indisputable majority,” Feijóo has implored the regional leaders who have an appointment with the polls on 28M. What happens in the Valencian Country can be extrapolated to another good handful of regions. The PP does not finish coming up with the accounts to govern alone in any place where the PSOE now rules in coalition. It is the objective that the Galician leader has insistently set for his barons, but the polls are stubborn in pointing out that, in the best of cases for their intentions, multi-party governments of a progressive nature could be replaced by others from the PP… with the far right.

The importance of the Valencian Country in Pedro Sánchez’s attrition strategy is evident. “It is a key community, it would be a giant step” for the Moncloa candidate, in the words of one of the regional barons closest to the PP leader. The man from Alicante has wielded this Sunday the signing of the former Ciudadanos Ruth Merino. Mazón replaced the Castilian-Manchego Paco Núñez as the first option against the resistance of Emiliano García Page. Extremadura, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Navarra or Asturias are no longer part of the pools for the PP.

Although the Valencian Community is important, not only Mazón has received the order. Among the public attending the conclave organized in the Science Museum of the Valencian capital, others noted as Jorge Azcón, who has taken on the challenge of stealing Javier Lambán from Aragon, for which he counts on the collapse of Ciudadanos and even the traditional party hinge in the region, the PAR, immersed in an internal struggle for control of the organization.

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Feijóo, against the coalitions (but from the PSOE)

“I demand sufficient majorities,” Feijóo said. A way of saying that he prefers not to have to agree with Vox. “They facilitate a better government, better politics, a better future,” he pointed out. “The people have someone to demand responsibility from, because that is the one chosen by the people to show their faces every day,” he added. A message traced to the one he has launched in The world his successor in the Xunta de Galicia, Alfonso Rueda.

Feijóo defends his absolute majorities and that of Juan Manuel Moreno. Those of the regional elections, because the leader of the opposition is far from guaranteeing to his co-religionists the same thing that he demands of his barons. And he has been a harsh critic of coalition governments. “And to say that my partners will not let me govern… if they do not let you govern, go away and let’s convene again,” he said in a message referring to Pedro Sánchez but that the president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, had to listen to. Less than a month after the controversy over the anti-abortion protocol that confirmed that, as the PP of the PSOE says about United We Can, it cannot dismiss the Vox directors.

Feijóo has defended that the PP can “win”. “I have never seen our adversaries so nervous, on both sides they are doing strange things,” he added. “We are going to go out plugged in,” he pointed out.

The PP has found in the application of the law of only yes is yes a vein in which to herd the coalition government, but not specifically United We Can or Irene Montero, but Pedro Sánchez: “The first and most responsible of a government is its president, not a minister of 22. Its president” .

Feijóo has tiptoed through the economy, a topic that has disappeared from his speeches given the evidence that the cataclysm that his gurus predicted has not arrived. “What sense does it make to paint the Spanish economy with colors and fireworks if people know what they have to pay when they go to fill the deposit, when it is their turn to pay the electricity bill, the increasingly expensive mortgage or have to take the basic supermarket foods and they have to leave them because they can’t afford it”. That’s all.

The Galician even refers to messages more typical of 15M: “That majority, that citizen movement that goes beyond a party, acronyms and labels does not arrive blindly. The desire of the Spanish to open a new political moment does not come by discarding. More and more Spaniards trust that things will really change and for the better. It’s not about winning, it’s about winning to do things, change things that don’t work well”.

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