Fans think Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to Xbox Game Pass, should you?

The image has been circulating online for months.

Despite the problems during its release, the perception that players have of cyberpunk 2077 has changed little by little. CD Projekt RED’s RPG is currently enjoying good popularity, which is why many players want to see it on services like Xbox Game Pass.

Some fans of the game believe they have discovered a clue about the release of the title on the Microsoft service. However, neither Xbox nor CD Projekt RED have confirmed this. We recommend that you do not get excited because, apparently, everything is about confusion. So it is unlikely that cyberpunk 2077 come to Xbox Game Pass, at least for now.

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whatcyberpunk 2077 is it on the way to Xbox Game Pass?

On social networks and forums such as reddit An image circulates that caught the attention of Xbox Game Pass users. It shows the page of the digital version of cyberpunk 2077 for Xbox and a message stating that it is part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

As you can imagine, many players were excited to see this, as they took it as a clear hint of the imminent arrival of the RPG on the service. However, after a brief investigation, it was discovered that the image in question is not recent.

It began circulating on the Internet in February 2022, so it has already been around networks and forums for many months. For this reason, the most prudent thing is not to wait for the arrival of the game on the service, at least not for now.

It is not the first time that the possible arrival of cyberpunk 2077 to Xbox Game Pass, as there are even reports on the subject since 2021. CD Projekt RED has had to clarify on several occasions that it has no plans for the arrival of its RPG to services.

In September 2022, the developer left the doors open to a possible agreement with Xbox or PlayStation for the above to happen. This means that there is a remote possibility that cyberpunk 2077 reach Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus, but it is important to emphasize that nothing is confirmed for now.

The image has been circulating online for months.

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