Fans promote Pikmin 4 with Olimar ads… Perreando?

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Nintendo took more than 10 years, but in a matter of days, it will finally launch a new installment of Pikmin. The happiest are without a doubt the fans, their happiness is so great that they are even doing the publicity work that corresponds to Nintendo as long as more users know about the series and honestly the campaign is as inappropriate as it is fabulous.

While Nintendo has never forgotten about Pikmin nor for other lesser known franchises, fans feel that the promotion is not as strong as when it comes to their big franchises, such as Super Mario and Legend of Zelda.

As an example is the community of Pikminwhose members are doing their best to promote Pikmin 4including the projection of an advertisement for Olimar perreando.

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Olimar promotes Pikmin 4 with wild perreo

You read that right, fans are organizing to place videos in one of the most important promotional spaces in the world: Times Square, New York.

Thanks to TSX Live, anyone can rent several seconds in exchange for $40 USD and thus promote their product or make any type of advertisement, which can potentially be seen by hundreds of people crossing the busy avenue. Well, fans of Pikmin They did not waste it and they organized for these days to buy their space to show advertisements for Pikmin.

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The one that caught the most attention, however, is the one that shows Olimar dancing in a pot and doing an intense dog like few others.

“I can’t believe I was the catalyst for this sh*t to happen,” said dreampachi, the person responsible for taking the video of Olimar dogging to Times Square (via Youtube). Below you can see his work, as well as other advertisements Pikmin by the fans.

What did you think of this gesture from the fans? Would you be willing to pay $40 USD to show Olimar twerking in Times Square? Tell us in the comments.

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