Fan spent thousands of dollars to ask Nintendo bosses a question

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A few days ago, Nintendo held a meeting with investors, in which Nintendo offers details about its performance or plans. This occasion attracted a lot of attention because there was a fan who was able to ask the directors a question directly and today we know that for him to do so he had to pay a lot of money.

Many Nintendo fans have always wanted to ask questions directly of those who run the company. The user Momiji was one of them, but he decided to go a step further and make this wish come true on behalf of many fans who also want to know why Nintendo does not bring back f-zero and other long series.

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Nintendo fan paid thousands of dollars to talk to his managers

Well, do not think that it is so easy to ask these questions. According to the information, it is possible to be part of the Nintendo boards if you have 100 shares in the company (which is equivalent to 1 unit). In other words, you have to pay $417 USD or $8450 MXN if you want to participate in the meetings.

However, the foregoing does not guarantee the right to ask questions of Nintendo bosses. Fortunately, the investment paid off, as Momiji was able to make it.

The user explained that last February he had to buy 100 Nintendo shares, each worth ¥56,430 JPY, for which he had to pay ¥5,643,000 JPY in total, which is approximately equivalent to $845,575 MXN or $41,732 USD. The user did this after selling his shares in another company.

Momiji commented to Business Insider who considers himself a “red bone fan” of Nintendo: “I’ve played Nintendo titles since I was a kid. Among all of them, none have satisfied me with that feeling of speed of f-zeroMomiji commented, which is why she decided to buy the shares.

“I’m the one who asked this question! I made your enthusiasm known directly to Nintendo management!”, the user expressed.

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Could Nintendo work on a new f-zero?

Although Momiji was able to ask Nintendo the question directly, the truth is that the answer left a rather bittersweet answer for fans, since Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendo, mentioned that it is not possible to bring back all the series that the community wants. ; On the other hand, the response of Shinya Takahashi, general manager of Nintendo’s planning division, was more hopeful, since he mentioned that working on remakes that fans can enjoy is not ruled out and recalled that something similar happened when a shareholder asked them on Famicom Detective Clubtitle of which nothing was said then, but years later it was released with a new version.

Something curious is that, although the board of directors could not be seen on the broadcast, the shareholder mentioned (via thegamer) that both Miyamoto and Shinya Takahashi “looked happy” when he named the various retro titles he asked about.

That said, for now and officially, Nintendo is not yet working on any project of f-zeroso the latest products in the franchise are the Captain Falcon amiibo and Super Smash Bros Ultimatetitle in which the pilot acts as a fighter.

What do you think of the feat of this Nintendo megafan? Would you be willing to do something similar? Tell us in the comments.

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