Fan recreates the sword from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and you will love it

The game was originally released in 1987

Legend of Zelda It is one of the most popular sagas in the industry and its fans are still waiting for its new installment that will arrive next May. However, it seems that one user wanted to endure the wait by starting a great project: recreating the sword of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

The game was originally released in 1987

As you will surely remember, this installment of the saga was a game for the NES, which served as a direct continuation of the first title that all players fell in love with at that time.

Now, a talented gamer wanted to pay tribute to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link recreating the famous sword that appears on the cover of the game, so just show the result and you will be impressed.

Here you can see it:

This is the fan made sword
This is the fan made sword

As you can see, the weapon looks amazing and was created by Reddit user weiyan21, who wanted to shape it with a slightly modern style, but that stays true to the classic Nintendo game.

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Unfortunately, it seems that the talented fan of Legend of Zelda He only created it as a personal challenge and did not comment on a possible distribution, so those interested in having it will be left with the desire.

We remind you that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom It will arrive on May 12 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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