Famous VTuber will retire; fans believe it is the fault of the boycott against Hogwarts Legacy

The VTuber apologized, deleted the post and disappeared

Without looking for it or wanting it, Hogwarts Legacy immediately became one of the most controversial video games in recent years due to the controversy surrounding JK Rowling, the original writer of Harry Potter. Now, she’s back in the headlines after a famous VTuber suggested that she’s giving up content creation.

Undoubtedly, we are facing a case with many questions in the air. It all started when Amano Pikamee, a popular Japanese VTuber who is part of the VOMS Project agency, announced her plans to play the Avalanche Software title in a live stream during the launch.

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They criticize VTuber for wanting to play Hogwarts Legacy

Unsurprisingly, the announcement received a lot of criticism from JK Rowling’s detractors. Following the backlash, the streamer apologized and canceled her livestream, deleting the original post soon after.

Pikamee started streaming with her avatar in March 2020 and quickly gained massive popularity on both YouTube and Twitch thanks to her friendly and easy-going personality. However, in recent months the content that she produces has decreased considerably, without the reasons behind this situation being revealed.

The VTuber apologized, deleted the post and disappeared

The VTuber completely walked away from the streaming platform and its social networks after the controversy of Hogwarts Legacy reared its head a few weeks ago. According to reports, she was inactive from February 8 until March 1.

Unfortunately for the community, Pikamee’s return brought bad news.

Pikamee will stop transmitting; Fans Think Hogwarts Legacy Haters Are To Blame

This week, the VOMS Project announced that the content creator will be “graduating” from the agency. As highlighted by the media GameRantthe term “graduate” is often used when a VTuber will stop making videos and live broadcasts.

In a short video on YouTube, Pikamee confirmed that she will end all her activities as a VTuber as of March 31, 2023. She thanked her followers and the agency VOMS Project for supporting her, and stated that she wants to enjoy her last month of broadcasting.

Neither the content creator nor the association revealed the reasons behind this decision. However, and as expected, a sector of the fans speculates that the boycott against Hogwarts Legacy caused the streamer to decide to retire. Again, there is nothing confirmed at the time of writing these lines.

This situation generated concern and fear in the Twitch community. Specifically, trans streamers or those who support the LGBTQIA+ community fear that Pikamee fans will point them as the culprits for the Japanese content creator’s withdrawal.

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