Faker’s return is delayed; this would be the new date to see the T1 star

Faker continues to recover

Bad news comes to us for all Faker followers, since it has just been confirmed that the return of the veteran of League of Legends it was just postponed and could play again in T1 until next month.

Faker continues to recover

As you probably remember, Faker has been suffering from an arm injury since July 2, which is why he has missed his team’s last 5 games, including the most recent one where they lost 2-0 to Hanwha Life Esports.

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The original plan was for the player with 11 years of professional experience to return today, just over 2 weeks after his injury, but he was nowhere to be found and was replaced by Poby.

When will Faker return?

According to the information shared, it is very unlikely that Faker will be able to play for T1 again during the 2023 regular season, so the team’s coach said at a press conference the new date on which they hope to have the GOAT talent:

Faker is still focusing on his treatment. We will be checking whether he can play or not, and if he can, we will announce it separately. His condition is the most important thing, but we are trying to get him back for the playoffs.”

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It is worth mentioning that the LCK playoffs (League of Legends Champions Korea) will start on August 8, so if Faker returns by then it is likely that he will miss the remaining 5 matches of T1.

We will remain pending to find out how Faker’s injury progresses and we will inform you about any news at this link.

How do you think T1 will fare without Faker? Tell us in the comments.

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