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Facebook just broke: half the world’s feeds are flooded with random posts

Facebook just broke: half the world's feeds are flooded with random posts

Although it seems like a somewhat funny pirate attack, the truth is that Meta has not given any information about it. It is not known if it is a worldwide problem or if it only occurs in the United States. At the moment this is what we know.

Facebook is experiencing a strange bug that is filling users’ feeds with posts from celebrity accounts on the social network. That is, someone posts funny content on Selena Gomez’s page, and this post appears on the wall of millions.

American users who have noticed have complained on the networks and in the media. At The Verge, newsroom journalists who tried to use the social network this morning experienced this same problem across the board.

In addition, the posts are memes, small jokes and content of little importance. But as soon as they are sent to the artists’ pages, they are infinitely replicated throughout the network. Try putting something on the pages of Lady Gaga, Nirvana or The Beatles.

Users have been quick to take advantage of the bug and are sending memes to celebrities because they know they will be shared far and wide on the social network, that is, a minute of glory thanks to a widespread failure.

A widely shared image being seen on the feeds of millions of users is a photo of a turkey sandwich with the caption: “If you see this, share it on another celebrity’s Facebook page, keep the turkey sandwich moving“.

Other users are taking advantage of the situation by sending PayPal donation links or promoting cryptocurrency projects.because whenever there are failures on the internet someone tries to sell you cryptos, that’s how the network is.

Although it doesn’t appear to be a crash in the traditional sense, users have flocked to Downdetector to report problems that started just before 8 AM (Spanish time). target right now says there are no problems at the time of writing this article.

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