Every week we breathe microplastics equivalent to a credit card, and we already know where they go


The effects of microplastics in the medium and long term are unknown, but they do not bode well for our health.

For the first time, a study has determined where the microplastics that we breathe Every week we inhale the plastic equivalent of a credit card.

microplastics are small plastic fragments less than 5 millimeters in diameter. But the vast majority are only a few microns in size, they can only be seen with a microscope.

These microplastics come from the manufacture and degradation of plastic. The fashion industry is one of its main “manufacturers”, by using low-quality plastic materials, to lower costs.

But they also come from simple wear of any plasticfrom bottles to plastic spoons, straws, bags, etc.

The problem of microplastics

Today, microplastics are everywhere: in the water we drink, the air we breathe, or the food we eat. Microplastics have been found in our blood, in the brain, and in our airways.

A study has calculated that every week we breathe in microplastics equivalent to all the plastic on a credit card.

The big problem is that most stay in our body, are not expelled, and We do not know the effects in the medium or long term that they will produce in our healthbecause its discovery is relatively recent.

And it’s not just because of the microplastics themselves: they are known to carry bacteria, viruses and toxic molecules, from fire retardants to phthalates.

Now for the first time A study carried out by the University of Technology Sydney has determined Where do the microplastics that are breathed end up?.

As explained Science Alerthave used a computational fluid dynamics model that has been shown to be effective with other polluting particles.

They have discovered that microplastics with a size of 5.56 microns, remain in the nasal cavity and in the back of the throat. The rest go down to the lungs. Now they are going to study its effect, but it is believed that they could promote the appearance of allergies and respiratory problems, among other more serious disorders.

Weekly we breathe microplastics equivalent to the plastic of a credit cardAnd that can’t be a good thing. we already know that accumulate in the nasal cavity and in the back of the throatas well as the lungs. What effects will they have on our health? For now, it is unknown.

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