Evernote announces a massive layoff that affects almost all its employees and changes its headquarters: it moves to Europe


Evernote was the first notes app for many. Some stopped using it and others still trust it, but the situation within the developer is far from ideal. With other alternatives on the table, such as Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, Notion, and even the native iOS app, Evernote faces a huge challenge in keeping paying users and finding new ones.

“The company has not been profitable for years and the situation was unsustainable in the long term,” recognized Bending Spoons, the new owner of Evernote after making 129 dismissals in February of this year. The cut plan, however, has ended up becoming a large-scale restructuring that includes the dismissal of almost all of Evernote’s workers and the transfer of its headquarters.

Evernote says goodbye to the United States

As indicated an official blog postEvernote just lost most of its employees in United States and Chile. The now-former employees were notified on July 5 and, according to the Bending Spoons statement, almost all will receive 16 weeks of salary, up to a year of health insurance coverage and corresponding performance bonuses.

We do not know the exact number of employees affected by this decision because the firm has not revealed it, but it has detailed what its next steps will be. “A dedicated (and growing) team based in Europe will continue to take ownership of the Evernote product,” says the parent of the notes application, which, let’s remember, is based in Milan, Italy, and has a staff of 400 employees.

Evernote on Windows

The European work team of Bending Spoons, whose catalog of applications has proposals as a mobile video editor called Splicea photo enhancement tool known as Remini and the digital “personal trainer” 30 Day Fitness, now you will also be responsible for Evernote. It is time to wait to find out if they will now introduce changes or new functions under their umbrella.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Evernote has faced this type of scenario. In the past, long before being sold to the aforementioned Italian developer, it carried out massive layoffs in 2015 and 2018. It also lived through turbulent times in which part of the management leadership, such as its executive director, financial director and product director, left the company.

The Great Resignation in the US has stopped dead.  It is a sign that bad news for employment is coming

Beyond the particular reality of each company, the technology sector has not been exempt from mass layoffs. Amazon has laid off some 27,000 workers in the past two years. Microsoft, for its part, has laid off 10,000 employees and IBM close to 8,000. Other companies like Apple, however, see the cuts as a “last resort.”

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