EU calls on China to influence Russia to end ‘bloodshed’ in Ukraine

Image from the archive of EU flags.

Image from the archive of EU flags. – Europa Press/Contact/Vincent Isore

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The European Union has called on China at a diplomatic level meeting to influence Russia to end “bloodshed” and “indiscriminate attacks” against civilian targets in Ukraine and withdraw its troops from the neighboring country’s territory.

The meeting between the Deputy Secretary General of the Foreign Action Service, Enrique Mora, and China’s special envoy for the Eurasian region, Li Hui, in Brussels has served for European diplomacy to discuss the situation in Ukraine with Beijing, claiming that restoring a “just and lasting” peace under international law is “of vital importance to the EU.”

Faced with China’s proposal for principles to end the conflict in Ukraine, Mora has insisted that any “meaningful way” to end the war must be “coherent” with the United Nations charter that recognizes sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries.

Similarly, the European bloc has conveyed its expectation that China play a constructive role in the war in Ukraine and use “every possible opportunity” to influence Moscow to “put an end to bloodshed and indiscriminate attacks against the civilian population.” and proceed with the “immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all military forces and equipment from the entire territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.”

This contact in the community capital comes after the proposal of the EU diplomatic services that advocates rebalancing relations with Beijing, betting on strengthening communication channels with Beijing, correcting the trade deficit and demanding that it influence the Kremlin in the context of the Ukrainian war.

In the document, the EU pointed out that future relations are marked by the role that Beijing plays in the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and will be affected “if China does not push Russia to withdraw from Ukraine.”

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