Eswatini government says it will not hesitate to use force against “terrorists” after latest protests

Eswatini government says it will not hesitate to use force against "terrorists" after latest protests

The Prime Minister denounces the murder of agents at the hands of “criminals”

June 28. (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Prime Minister of Eswatini, Cleopas Sipho Dlamini, has warned that the authorities will not hesitate to use force against “terrorists” after the latest attacks against members of the security forces, blamed on an opposition group in the framework of pro-democracy protests in the African country.

“The Government will not hesitate to respond with the necessary force to protect our national security as a sovereign state in the face of these brutal crimes committed under the pretext of seeking democracy,” he said in a statement published by his office through his page. Web.

“The Government takes this opportunity to firmly condemn the senseless killing of security officers and the sporadic arson and terrorist attacks against public and private property, perpetrated by unknown criminals hiding behind veiled motives,” he said.

Thus, Dlamini has said that security “is threatened” and has stressed that “these attacks are not only against the Government or an individual company, but against the entire population.” “Those behind these evil acts are terrorists determined to condemn our people to a state of fear and an endless cycle of poverty,” he has argued.

The prime minister stressed that “there can be no justification for these attacks” and argued that the authorities “have made a clear path towards reconciliation in the face of differences in order to build a better Eswatini”.

For this reason, he has reiterated that “the people behind the attacks are not seeking to improve the situation of the population or a better Eswatini, but rather pursue terrorist agendas”, while saying that the Government “cannot sit idly by “.

“We will do everything possible to protect the lives of the people of Eswatini and restore peace and order in our beautiful kingdom,” he stressed, before adding that the authorities “are conducting investigations and gathering information to deal with the criminals decisively.

“All Eswatini must accept the call to protect their country and livelihood. All peace-loving citizens must refrain from activities that have the potential to escalate conflict. We must channel our energy towards reconciliation and restore peace.” , has settled.

Eswatini authorities have accused the Swaziland International Solidarity Forces (SISF) of being behind a series of attacks against security forces in recent weeks, in the wake of the 2021 pro-democracy protests.

On the other hand, the authorities prohibited less than a month ago those who participated in the protests from joining the ranks of the Army, amid calls for King Mwsati III to abdicate and start a democratization process.

Eswatini, a country of about 1.3 million people known as Swaziland until 2018, has been ruled as an absolute monarchy by Mswati III since 1986. The monarch controls parliament and appoints ministers, drawing criticism for his monopoly of power.

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