Ester Expósito did it on video with the most incredible look… And you can’t miss it!

Ester Exposito.

Esther Exposito She loved it on video with a very chic look… And you can’t miss it!

spanish actress 22 years old does not stop giving what to talk about. And it is that in addition to having been part of one of the most popular series in her country in recent years, the record breaker, ‘Elite’, the young woman has also stood out thanks to her official profile on Instagram, where she has more of 29 million followers, thanks to its spectacular photos, audiovisuals and great beauty.

Ester Exposito.

And he has done it again! And it is that Esther Exposito It was seen in the most spectacular way in a video that you cannot miss.

Posted through his stories on Instagram, the video in question was a glimpse of the most cool and exclusive to that photo session that Ester Expósito did for the prestigious cover of the Dutch edition of the fashion and art magazine Numéro, with which the Madrid-born woman made an ode to freedom with a passionate red Alexander McQueen look.

Ester Exposito - Instagram
Esther Exposito / Instagram

Made from behind the scenes, on video, Esther Exposito She wore her hair in a curly updo style, while wearing a simple yet chic look of a baby blue fuzzy coat, paired with a skimpy canary yellow top.

Regarding this audiovisual, the interpreter of Carla Rosón did not say much. However, she did take advantage of the space to thank her team for glammade up of the hairdresser Jesús de Paula, the make-up artist Fer Martínez and the stylist Gabriella Norberg, for their help in looking this phenomenal.

Enjoy the video here!

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