Employers insist on the inconvenience of labor

Employers insist on the inconvenience of labor

With questions about the way in which it is processed and its content, the production unions persist in vehemently warning the inconvenience of the labor reform that is being debated in Congress.

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He National Trade Union Council, the forum of the main economic unions in the countryasked Congress, political parties and the Government to evaluate the implications of the initiative on employment and the country’s competitiveness.

He stated that the articulated “does not comply with the purposes of reducing unemployment and informality rates, does not update the legal system to the new reality of the labor market, creates imbalance in collective labor relations and does not protect the freedom of enterprise as the engine of the economy, generator of formal employment and axis of social transformation”.

According to the Trade Council, the approval of the articles as it is filed could put more than 450,000 jobs at risk at the national level and would jeopardize business competitiveness.

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“Today’s flawed approval – Thursday – of impediments, challenges and the reports of presentations, with a quorum conformation and a vote with several legal doubts, cannot be the precedent of how the rest of the reform will be voted”he pointed out when describing the way in which the paper was approved on Thursday in the Seventh Committee of the House of Representatives.

Lastly, the Trade Union Council, chaired by Germán Arce, from trusteessaid he has participated “actively” c.with estimates of the impact that the reform could have in the country and “It will remain open to participate in the scenarios that the Congress of the Republic and the Government provide to build an inclusive, equitable and fair Labor Reform”.

The president of the National Association of Businessmen of Colombia, Andi, Bruce Mac Master, spoke along the same lines, who on his Twitter account He declared his dissatisfaction with the way in which they voted on Thursday and questioned that the International Labor Organization, ILOwill support the labor reform, as has been stated by Minister Gloria Inés Ramírez herself. “It is not correct, nor adjusted to the truth, to affirm that the recent ILO communication supports the current labor reform”, pointed out the union leader.

In his opinion, although the letter indicates that the ILO trusts the process of adopting its recommendations, “It makes absolutely no statement or reference to the rest of the proposal that can be understood as a manifestation of support for what is contained in the articles.”

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Facing the approval of the presentation, he commented: “Yesterday, 10 representatives to the House of Representatives (of a commission of 21) approved the paper on the labor reform – Commission VII”. and I add “They have already announced to us that between today (Friday) and Tuesday, against any reason and any possible effect, they will approve the articles of a reform that can send 746,000 people to unemployment, according to @BancoRepublica”.

“Don’t you care about those family and people? Don’t you care about the effect of your decisions? It will correspond to us as voting citizens to remember this incomprehensible and definitely unconscious fact from the social point of view “he pointed out.


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