Emoji day: who decides which ones are accepted and rejected


Who is in charge of approving the emojis?

The consortium in charge of approving or rejecting the new emojis is called Unicode, a non-profit organization established in 1991, and to which any company that has the interest and money to pay a membership can join.

Some of the most important technology companies that are part of this committee are Apple, Google, Microsoft, IBM and Samsung, among many others, which make the decisions.

The Unicode Consortium is so relevant in the digital world to the point that it also cooperates with other Internet standards development organizations, such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the Internet Engineering Working Group.

How can you propose an emoji?

Anyone can send a proposal to create their own emoji, however, it is difficult for them to be accepted so easily, since a series of steps must be followed for the image to be approved.

The first is that the emoji must meet a certain level of usage expected from another example. If you want to display an expression, there must be an existing emoji that demonstrates its potential use. Likewise, the drawing must be completely your own, free of rights and sufficiently recognizable.

Among the criteria for which an emoji would not be accepted is that they are too specific or general. Also that they are confused with another symbol that already exists or are a representation of a brand or product.

Once the requirements are met, it goes to a review team, whose process is not public and the person only receives a response if it has been approved or rejected.

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