Elon Musk fires the Twitter worker who slept in the office to be always available

Elon Musk fires the Twitter worker who slept in the office to be always available

After the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, social networks were divided into two groups. The first group celebrated the decision by the South African tycoon and believed with blind faith that the founder of Tesla would manage to somehow improve the social network of the little blue bird. The second group thought and thinks the opposite of this first group.

Although the complaints and praise of Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter have focused on the reactions of people who are on the social network, Twitter workers also expressed joy, concern and support. In fact, several Twitter employees decided to show how they were currying favor with Musk.

Esther Crawford, a former chief product officer at Twitter, was one of the workers who showed her support for Musk. The way in which she indicated that she was satisfied with the tycoon’s takeover was posting a photo in which he appeared in a sleeping bag on the floor of the Twitter offices in order to meet the deadlines imposed by Musk.

What does this photograph hide? Esther Crawford expressed with this photograph her complete commitment to Twitter, Elon Musk and the future of the social network. In fact, she has been one of those in charge of carrying out Twitter BlueAlthough we have already seen how this has worked, sacrificing hours of sleep and time with his family.

Nobody escapes the wave of layoffs of Elon Musk

Despite having made this titanic effort, Esther Crawford is no longer part of the Twitter team. Elon Musk has dumped 50 people in his latest wave of layoffs, with Esther Crawford being one of these people. The former Twitter product manager won’t have to sleep on the floor of Twitter’s offices anymore.

No one has been surprised by Elon Musk’s decision, although it is extremely curious. And, is that, It is one more example that workers are nothing more than numbers for a company and no matter how many personal sacrifices are made, these are useless when it comes to avoiding a dismissal.

Esther Crawford will not be the heir to Twitter, although, as she has commented, she feels lucky to have been able to give her best to build the new vision of Twitter that Elon Musk has in his head and that resulted in Twitter Blue. Now we will have to wait to see what happens with Twitter which, unfortunately, every day has fewer workers.

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