ECIEM UCN achieves significant participation in scientific publications

ECIEM UCN achieves significant participation in scientific publications

The School of Business Sciences (ECIEM) of the Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN), achieved significant participation in the production of articles in scientific journals during the year 2022.

Communications Catholic University of the North (UCN).- The ECIEM Research Secretary, Mauricio Gallardo Altamirano, highlighted that the School’s academics managed to complete a total of 25 articles during the year, counting those published with an assigned volume, those published online in early viewing with a unique identifier assigned or DOI (Digital Object Identifier), and those accepted in the process of publication.

Among them, 11 articles correspond to journals in quartiles 1 and 2 of the Journal Citation Report (JCR) of Web of Science, 4 articles correspond to quartiles 3 and 4 of the same index, while 7 SCOPUS articles and 3 Scielo-Chile articles were also published. “We are moving forward with publications at different levels, but with broad participation from our full-time academics,” he said.


The academic, Dr. Karla Soria Barreto, who published in various magazines, highlighted that this fact is motivating and rewarding. “It is interesting to have diverse groups of people with whom to be able to discover and discuss topics of common interest, that gives motivation to continue on the path of research, to continue deepening and learning permanently. The publication itself is the final result that shows the success of a long work process that is usually in a team and that involves many hours of joint work, consensus, agreements, discussions, learning, among others”.

The research, added Karla Soria, complements and enriches the teaching that we deliver to our undergraduate and postgraduate students. Therefore, she said, the research consolidates the growth and development of the academic units.

While Dr. Vannesa Duarte Correa stressed that this achievement is the result of a long time of joint effort between various researchers, both from the UCN and from other universities, with whom collaborative work is done to achieve the proposed goals. Also, she said, it represents the adaptation to a new scenario, with new teams and new people.

The academic also highlighted that “realizing that we can be a benchmark in research, presenting quality papers, and having peer recognition of the importance of research in the areas in which it is applied, represents progress in the strategic objectives of ECIEM”.


The year 2022 was also very positive for ECIEM in other areas related to research, because in addition to the publications achieved, 3 new academics joined the group of teachers who meet the individual productivity requirements demanded by the National Accreditation Commission (CNA). ) to form cloisters of Academic Masters in the disciplinary area of ​​Economics and Business. They are Dr. Vanessa Duarte Correa, Dr. Oswaldo Terán Villegas and Dr. Tomás Bas.

Mauricio Gallardo highlighted that having a greater number of professors who can strengthen our postgraduate academic cloisters also has a positive impact on our undergraduate teaching. This is due to the fact that research reinforces our knowledge and disciplinary mastery, which allows us to have better prepared, more up-to-date teachers, and with a greater capacity to enrich the learning processes of our students.

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