Drunk taxi driver causes an accident; claims that Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z is the culprit

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Road accidents, unfortunately, are very common. The reasons behind these are very varied, but it is relatively common for alcoholic beverages and other substances to play a role. Now, can you imagine an anime character causing an incident of this nature? The above is impossible, of course, but a drunk driver claims that’s exactly what happened.

No, it’s not a joke. In the last few hours, the case of a crash whose alleged culprit was a drunken taxi driver went viral. Instead of him accepting his mistake, he decided to blame Vegeta, the main character of the popular and successful anime. Dragon Ball Z by Toei Animation.

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The accident in question occurred on the streets of Nicaragua. According to reports, the taxi driver hit a public truck and caused a large cannon that disrupted traffic in the area. A local media outlet attended the scene and covered the incident.

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“Vegeta came and hit”, taxi driver affirms that Dragon Ball character caused the accident

In the images, which have gained a lot of visibility in the last few hours after being shared on a TikTok account, we see the taxi driver leaning on his destroyed vehicle. So a local reporter approaches him and asks if he’s drunk.

The alleged culprit, who appears to be under the influence of alcohol, blames Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z for the accident. Specifically, he claims that it was the Z Fighter and Prince of the Saiyans who hit his unit. You can watch the video if you give click here


Image via TikTok

As expected, the driver’s hilarious response generated all kinds of comments. Although there are those who expressed disagreement and indignation at the statements, there were Internet users who took the opportunity to make jokes and make fun of the individual.

“Children and drunks always tell the truth, so I believe him,” said one person. “The question is: does the insurance cover impacts against Saiyans?” joked another.

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Although this situation can be comical, it is important to emphasize that combining alcohol and driving is a terrible idea. Therefore, we urge all our readers not to ingest alcoholic beverages or other toxic substances if they plan to drive a vehicle.

But tell us, what do you think of this curious case? Let us read you in the comments.

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