“Dragon Ball: The Breakers”: watch the gameplay and all the action that the game promises

“Dragon Ball: The Breakers”: watch the gameplay and all the action that the game promises

Dragon Ball: The Breakers, developed by Bandai Namco, concluded the open beta on September 25. Players already have their first impressions, but if you haven’t had access to the new Dragon Ball Z-inspired title, the IGN portal shared a detailed review of what the title offers and various gameplay features.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is set in the world of dragon ball xenoverse and the dynamic is of the multiplayer genre of action and survival for eight players. It is an asymmetrical action game in which the games consist of two groups: the survivors (seven players) and the Raider (one player). The former have to hide and escape from the latter, since the latter has superior skills and attacks.

“The survivors are regular civilians trapped in a ‘time hole,’ trapping them in a place where space and time are in disarray. The main objective of the survivors is to escape using various gadgets, the most valuable of which are Transpheres that contain the souls of the Super Warriors and grant special abilities and powers. In this dangerous environment, the hope is to use the Super Time Machine to escape before their enemy becomes unstoppable.”Bandai noted.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers will be available from October 14, 2022 on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. It will be a matter of time before the video game also appears in the catalogs of the new generation consoles.


Currently, the manga of Dragon Ball Super is almost entirely the work of Toyotaro, Akira Toriyama’s right-hand man, and there are a couple of sagas that are way ahead of the events of the anime, which concluded with the Tournament of Power. The “Granola the survivor” saga concluded with episode 87, so the community already wants to know about manga 88.

The publications of Dragon Ball Super they are monthly, almost always in the last week of the month. Now the manga of Dragon Ball Super It will have its 88th episode possibly on October 20, 2022. Usually those responsible for Shueisha take a month off until the next saga, but things can well change, so you have to take the information with a grain of salt.

Remember that manga 88 of Dragon Ball Super You can well read it translated into Spanish on the Manga Plus page, the official site of Shonen Jump magazine, where you can read the previous three episodes at no cost and legally.

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