Dragon Ball Super: Why is Broly so different from the original from the 90s?

Broly's future.  Photo: Manga Plus

Broly is one of those characters that Dragon Ball fans have always wanted to see back in action. Well, in 2018, when many expected the announcement of the return of the anime, fans were surprised by the revelation that Toei Animation was working on a movie called “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”.

It was the first approach of the legendary Saiyan to the canon history of Super. However, this also represented a complete change to his history and personality. The big question is how different is the 90s version from the current one?

Basically, the original character was not designed by Toryama, but was in charge of Takao Koyama and was only going to be part of the films that escaped the Dragon Ball Z canon. The story, despite being similar at the beginning, ends very different.

Akira Toriyama, in 2018, decided to give much more importance to the character and create a level of power that is consistent with what we had already seen in the Tournament of Power in the manga and anime. For this reason, the legendary Saiyan is a bit more childish and his power comes from the lack of control he has over his ki.

His father himself comments that his son was very different from any other Saiyan he had seen on the planet Vegita, although the old Paragus did not count that Goku and Vegeta approached the gods of destruction in both ki.

broly’s future

Broly is now not just a character in the movies. Toriyama and Toyotaro want to see him side by side with the most powerful Saiyans in the universe and that is why he has a special passage in chapter 93 of the manga.

At the beginning of this post, we see that Broly collects all the sad events of his life and begins to lose control of himself. Goku must interrupt the training to prevent the planet from being destroyed and continue talking with Vegeta and Whis.

It is hoped that eventually he will also be part of the z fighters team, but for this to happen he will have to take control of his ki and adapt to the crazy life that lives in each of Bulma and company.

Broly’s future. Photo: Manga Plus

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