Dragon Ball Super in PUBG: how and when to install version 2.7

Dragon Ball Super in PUBG: how and when to install version 2.7

Starting Thursday, PUBG MOBILE will launch a collaboration with Dragon Ball Super. In the Version 2.7 Update, players will experience an unprecedented gameplay overhaul. This exciting collaboration will include new and unique modes, items, vehicles, areas, and surprises inspired by Dragon Ball Super, making it one of the most special collaborations in PUBG MOBILE history.

The first of the two modes of Dragon Ball Super will be available in-game from July 13 to September 4, fusing elements from dragonball with the classic battle royale game of PUBG MOBILE. Through this mode, players will be able to collect all seven Dragon Balls to summon Shenron and make a wish at Shenron’s Summoning Altar, gaining powerful in-game benefits.

Additionally, players will have the opportunity to explore four new Dragon Ball Super areas in Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok, which recreate locations and architecture from the series. “The Dragon Ball Village”, “Tenkaichi Budokai”, “Kame House” and “Karin’s Tower” they hide valuable objects that players can discover. They will also be able to launch the new “Hoi-Poi Capsule” to transform it into the three-seater “Air Car” and move quickly through the battlefields.

In this update, a component related to the “Ki”, ​​integral part of the Dragon Ball series, is incorporated. Players will be able to collect “Ki” as energy to enhance their mobility and use iconic abilities such as the powerful “Kamehameha” to eliminate enemies, as well as the “Buku-jutsu” flight technique to fly freely at the same speed as running. If players run out of “Ki”, ​​they will be able to recover vitality and energy by consuming the “Hermit’s Seeds” that are scattered on the map.

Also, those who crave an extra challenge should stay tuned for more details on the hidden proof of dragonball. Here, players will be tasked with finding all seven Dragon Balls, all while their location is visible to other teams! To win the game, players must successfully secure the Dragon Balls, defend Shenron’s Summoning Altar, and then make a wish.

Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super

The second of the two modes of dragonball Super will bring a game makeover never seen before in PUBG MOBILE, transforming battlefields into an animated art-style world from July 15 through September 4. Players will ditch their traditional weaponry and instead become one of five warriors from Dragon Ball Super: son goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Piccolo, and Ultimate Son Gohan, using their unique main moves and support abilities in battle to fight to be the last one standing! As part of this new mode, players will collect Spirit Crystals and Spirit Crystals from the ground to restore energy and improve their movements, the highest being Level 4, and they will use a variety of new features like Teleportation Points and Updraft to traverse and manipulate the map.

“One of the most iconic Japanese manga and anime franchises in the world, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super, they have achieved something truly exceptional by staying relevant and meaningful to the generation that grew up watching and reading it, while constantly engaging new and young audiences.”said Vincent Wang, publishing director of PUBG MOBILE at Tencent Games. “In addition to its multi-generational and international appeal, its famous theme of overcoming challenges really resonates with PUBG MOBILE and our players, and it meant that the team from PUBG MOBILE will really work hard to make this one of the most impressive brand collaborations in gaming.”.

Get ready for the wide variety of outfits and themed items from Dragon Ball Super coming on July 14, including special outfits for Son Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and their companions Pilaf and Karin! There will be more to come later in the collaboration starting on August 11, so players should keep an eye out for more content.

Follow the official social networks of PUBG MOBILE for more details on an upcoming themed in-game event that will bring exclusive rewards from Dragon Ball Super, as the “Master Roshi Style Set”.

The Version 2.7 update It also introduces a number of new gameplay features, including improvements to the World of Wonder creative mode, with a new editable template from Summer Brawl gameplay, and the new ACE32 assault rifle, which will be available on all maps. Also, Season 13 Cycle 5 is updated with new content, rewards and cosmetics to unlock and enjoy, and the latest Royale Pass Ace will bring new main rewards along with Season Missions. Finally, players should keep an eye out for what will come, since PUBG MOBILE will soon announce a new partnership with an iconic British luxury car manufacturer.

How to update PUBG MOBILE

The 2.7v upgrade It will be available on July 13. You can download the new material from the same video game almost automatically (you only have to click on start download once you open the title). You can also do the update manually by going to the PUBG page at and .

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