Dr. Marcelo Arancibia concluded his academic stay at two European universities

Dr. Marcelo Arancibia concluded his academic stay at two European universities

Within the framework of the Fondecyt Regular research of Dr. Marcelo Arancibia, he visited the University of Malaga and Granada, in order to delve into the area of ​​professional and biographical trajectories of teachers

Lorenzo Palma, Science in Chile.- Dr. Marcelo Arancibia, an academic from the Institute of Educational Sciences of the Austral University of Chile, carried out an academic stay in Spain as part of his Fondecyt Regular research. The stay lasted from March 1 to 15, and he met with leading specialists in the field of professional careers and teacher biographies at the universities of Granada and Malaga.

Ignacio Rivas2At the University of Granada, he met with Dr. Antonio Bolívar and Dr. Jesús Domingo, and at the University of Málaga, he met with Dr. Ignacio Rivas, all experts in the subject of professors’ trajectories and biographies.

Dr. Arancibia highlighted the importance of the academic stay to establish collaboration agreements with international researchers and strengthen their methodological proposal. The Fondecyt director also emphasized the importance of academic stays abroad to strengthen collaborative ties with international references in research topics.

Ugranada2 e1679057934467The research “Trajectories of rural teachers. Contributions to better understand rural schools” is led by the UACh academic and financed by the National Agency for Research and Development of Chile (ANID) and they are working with 20 rural teachers from three regions of Chile (Aysén, Los Ríos and La Araucanía), those who have a minimum of five years of work experience, and will be interviewed in depth, to learn and deepen their trajectories and biographies during this year 2023.

Dr. Arancibia’s stay in Spain will allow him to support future results and consolidate collaboration ties and participation in seminars and joint meetings with professors Bolívar, Domingo and Rivas in the future.

The next

Among the activities scheduled for 2023, the UACh academic announced that during his stay in Europe he confirmed the participation of specialists in what will be an international seminar on “Trajectories and Life Stories of Teachers” which will be held at the end of the year in the city of Valdivia in a hybrid format.
Find out about the academic trajectories and publications of the academics Bolívar, Domingo and Rivas:
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