Dr. Chris Harrod is recognized in the 2023 International Ranking of the best scientists in Ecology and Evolution

The researcher from the University of Antofagasta has developed his research in the area of ​​ecology and aquatic ecosystems.

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Catherine Urbina Pizarro, Journalist UA.- The 17th place at the national level, in the specialty of Ecology and Evolution of the outstanding 2023 Ranking of the Research platform, was held by Dr. Chris Harrod, a researcher at the University of Antofagasta (UA).

The 2023 Ranking of the Best Scientists in different specialties from is based on a rigorous methodology that evaluates various criteria such as the quality of scientific publications, the impact of the research, the citations received and the influence in the scientific community.

The recognition of Dr. Harrod in this ranking, with 134 publications, 4,618 citations and 34 d-indexes, is a testimony to the contributions made by the UA scientist in the field of ecology and evolution, which has guided his research from interactions between species to ecosystem dynamics and biodiversity conservation, through its multidisciplinary approach.

The UK-born scientist studied Environmental Sciences at Manchester Metropolitan University to continue his PhD at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland, in the area of ​​Conservation Biology of the Most Threatened Inland Water Fish Species of Ireland.

In this regard, the researcher and current director of the Alexander vön Humboldt Institute of the Faculty of Marine Sciences and Biological Resources of the University of Antofagasta, Dr. Chris Harrod, pointed out that “Although these ranking systems have their biases, it is always nice to be recognized . I feel that this is a reflection of the hard work in the field and in the laboratory of my colleagues and students, and it shows that in Antofagasta we can compete with colleagues from universities all over Chile”, said the scientist.

Dr. Harrod highlighted the achievement of this position, and thanked the state and regional university, adding that “The University of Antofagasta has first-rate researchers and is ideally situated to investigate many exciting and important areas. With the continued support of the institution’s administration, we will be able to build on our research successes,” added Harrod.

It should be noted that is a leading academic platform for researchers that aims to facilitate collaboration, promote knowledge sharing and foster innovation within the scientific community, providing a wide range of resources and tools to help researchers scientists to conduct cutting-edge research and network with other professionals in their fields.

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