Does cruise control really save gas or is it just a hoax?

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Cruise control is a system that gives the driver the ability to select the speed at which they want the vehicle to travel, being able to forget about standing on the accelerator, but does it help save fuel?

Cruise control is a common feature on many vehicles that allows you to maintain a speed without the need to keep your foot on the accelerator constantly.

It should be noted that the purpose of this function is to help reduce driver fatigue, and offer comfort, as well as contribute to improving the fuel efficiencybut does it really help save gas?

The answer is yes, cruise control can help save gas in certain situations and under certain driving conditions. It is important to understand that its effectiveness can vary depending on several factors.

Experts reveal that on long, straight roads, where a constant speed is maintained for a long period, the so-called “speed control” can help avoid sudden acceleration.

Thus, it can result in more efficient fuel consumption, since frequent changes in speed are avoided.

Does using speed control save gas?

Nevertheless, In congested traffic conditions, with many stops and on roads with excessive traffic lights, cruise control may not be as effective in saving gas and therefore money in the long run.

It must also be considered that the savings depend on the driver’s driving style. By using other car control systems, such as smooth acceleration and braking anticipation, greater range can be achieved.

A study confirms that cars that circulated at a variable speed between 75 to 85 kilometers per hour consumed 20% more gasoline than cars that maintained a constant speed of 80 kilometers per hour with cruise control activated.

This results in speed variations increase fuel consumption. In fact, aggressive driving at high speeds can increase fuel consumption by approximately 15% to 30%.

In short, recent research clearly shows that, by keep cars at a constant speed, cruise control helps save fuel.

On the other hand, it is not recommended to use this feature when going up or down hills that are steep or bumpy roads. The same applies to slippery roads due to snow and rain. In this case, it is recommended to slow down and use the throttle manually.

There are other ways to economize and reduce gasoline consumptionsuch as having good driving practices, driving progressively, turning off the car if you are stuck in traffic, avoiding unnecessary loads, among others.

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