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Disney+ premieres in July 2022: 65 original series, movies and documentaries

Disney+ already has almost all of Spider-Man.  His plan to monopolize Marvel is being a success

July is going to be a nostalgic month for Disney+. It not only recovers a Marvel classic such as Tobey Maguire’s ‘Spider-Man’, or films that will take many back to their childhood or adolescence, such as ‘Lady Hawk’ or ‘The Dead Poets Club’. It is that even in terms of more unknown series and movies, such as the very cult ‘Wayward Pines’, the platform draws from times prior to the streaming. Find out in the proposals for July of Disney +.

premiere series

Wayward Pines’

A series prior to the advent of platforms streaming, when the different chains were desperately looking for their new ‘Lost’, that is, a series that would maintain the intrigue week after week. To pull it off, Fox turned to M. Night Shyamalan, who produced the series and directed a terrific first episode in which Matt Dillon arrives in a Twin Peaks-esque town looking for a couple of missing teammates, only to find himself unable to get out. no matter how hard you try.

all series of July

  • ‘Land of opportunities’ (07/06)
  • Wayward Pines (06/07)
  • ‘Newcomers’ (06/07)
  • ‘Among ghosts’ (06/07)
  • ‘Little fish’ (07/06)
  • ‘Mickey Mouse’s Wonderful Summer’ (07/08)
  • ‘Atlanta’ S3 (07/13)
  • ‘Solar Opposites’ Season 3 (07/13)
  • ‘Dads on request’ (07/13)
  • ‘Kisses and omens’ (07/13)
  • ‘Anita: The director’s cut’ (07/13)
  • ‘Dark Money’ (07/13)
  • ‘Opera’ (07/13)
  • ‘Faster than fear’ (07/20)
  • ‘Milo Murphy’s Law’ S2 (07/20)
  • ‘Hanging in Philly’ S12-15 (07/20)
  • ‘The Wonder Years’ S1B (07/20)
  • ‘Saint Avoid’ (07/26)
  • ‘Light & Magic: A not so distant dream’ (07/27)
  • ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ S3 (07/27)
  • ‘The Resident’ (07/27)
  • ‘By mandate of heaven’ (07/27)
  • ‘Pepe’s beach bar’ (07/27)
  • ‘Emergence’ (07/27)


All of Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’

Disney + continues to welcome all the Marvel productions it can, even those that were not originally owned by it. Although he has not yet managed to bring Andrew Garfield’s ‘Spider-Man’ to his catalog (something we will see, without a doubt, in the coming months), now all Tobey Maguire directed by Sam Raimi, plus ‘Venom’ and the extraordinary ‘Spider-Man: A new universe’. A good binge of classic arachnids for this summer.

‘Lady Falcon’

Lady Halc N 822446441 Large

One of the most memorable fantasy films of the eighties, thanks above all to the elegant approach of Richard Donner (‘Superman’) and its excellent cast, led by Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer. A medieval knight, with the help of a young thief, tries to take revenge on a Machiavellian nobleman and lift the spell that falls on him and his beloved, and that prevents them from meeting again. A total classic adventure film more deservedly cult of that decade.

All the movies of July

A childhood nightmare becomes one of the darkest fantasies of recent cinema on Disney +

All documentaries premiering in July

  • ‘Inside North Korea: after the meeting’ (07/01)
  • ‘Slaying the Badger’ (07/01)
  • ‘Captivating the audience: a horror story’ (07/06)
  • ‘Car SOS’ S9 (06/07)
  • ‘Glee in concert’ (07/08)
  • ‘Mighty Ruthie / Pat XO’ (07/08)
  • ‘The world’s largest white shark’ (07/08)
  • ‘O da Joana’ (07/13)
  • ‘Cadernos da Filipa’ (07/13)
  • ‘Long Gone Summer’ (07/15)
  • ‘Silly Little Game’ (07/15)
  • ‘Fernando Nation’ (07/15)
  • ‘Four Days in October’ (07/15)
  • ‘Lolo’ (07/15)
  • ‘Aftershock: A failed healing’ (07/19)
  • ‘Savage Crimes’ (07/20)
  • ‘Guillermo Pérez Roldán Confidential’ (07/20)
  • ‘Scanning the past’ (07/20)
  • ‘The Influencer of Soho’ (07/22)
  • ‘Truths and lies: The last gangster’ (07/22)
  • ‘The lost treasures of the Maya’ (07/22)
  • ‘The Big Shark Show’ (07/22)
  • ‘Drugs Inc.: Dealer POV’ (07/27)

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