Dismissal letters and other incidents that have Carlos III under scrutiny

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Dozens of employees at Clarence House, the residence of Charles III when he was Prince of Wales, have received notice that they will soon be laid off. The decision came amid the farewell ceremonies for the late Elizabeth II and sparked controversy in the UK.

King Carlos III became the target of criticism just days after his accession to the throne.

This, after reports published by the newspaper ‘The Guardian’, which indicate that up to a hundred employees of Clarence House, the former residence of the monarch, have received letters informing them that their services are no longer required.

Those affected include private secretaries, the financial office, the communications team and household staff.

And it is that after the access of Carlos, he and his wife Camilla, queen consort, must move to Buckingham Palace, so Clarence House will close and the services of the staff “will no longer be needed”, explained the king’s main adviser, Clive Alderton, in a statement.

Still, Alderton said they are “urgently working to identify alternative roles for as many employees as possible.”

In case of terminating the services of a worker, he announced that “they will receive improved compensation” once the measure enters into force, scheduled for within three months.

Charles III, when he was still Prince of Wales, delivering a speech at Clarence House, London, on March 1, 2022.
Charles III, when he was still Prince of Wales, delivering a speech at Clarence House, London, on March 1, 2022. © AFP – STUART C. WILSON

The announcement came in the midst of farewell ceremonies for the late Elizabeth II, for which the Public and Commercial Services Union called the royal decision “little short of ruthless.”

“While some house changes were to be expected as the roles of the royal family change, the scale and speed with which it has been announced is extremely cruel,” union general secretary Mark Serwotka said.

According to Clarence House’s annual summary, Charles III employed the equivalent of 101 full-time staff, a third of whom worked in the office of private secretaries.

Videos expose a highly irritated Carlos III

And it is that the controversy over possible dismissals is not the only criticism that is persecuting the new monarch, on whom rests the responsibility of maintaining the status of the most famous monarchy in the world, as well as the union of the royal family after the death of his mother.

Other criticisms that have circulated in the British press are based on two videos that showed the monarch visibly irritated by two incidents that have occurred in recent days, one due to a pen that was leaking ink and another due to an object that was presented to him as a obstacle.

In one of the videos released, Carlos III is seen losing his cool when a pen began to drop ink while signing a guest book in front of the Chambers in Northern Ireland, one of the four nations of the United Kingdom that the new sovereign visited. on his first royal tour.

This came after another episode of tension, when last Saturday the monarch made some irritated gestures to the people who work for him, when a pencil holder got in his way while he signed a document during his ascension ceremony.


The monarch has been highly exposed to the media since the death of his mother on September 8. He has also been subjected to a dizzying schedule that has taken him to each of the four nations of the State (Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England.) With constant trips to London to accompany the ceremonies in honor of the queen.

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